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Hi! I’m Dr. Alexia

And I came across this massive women’s health issue long before I became a chiropractor.  I’ve been helping women understand their cycle since college when I finally had the maturity to discuss it.  I’m shocked at how little we know and understand about our bodies, and more so at how many women live in agony each month and think it’s ‘normal.’  That’s ridiculous!  A painful period isn’t a normal period, an unpredictable period isn’t normal either.  And a ‘period’ on birth control isn’t a period at all, it’s a bleed.  If you’re suffering from uncomfortable or untimely periods I’d like to see if we can help.  If not, I’ll tell you.  If so, I’ll ask you to add some healthier habits to your regime, but guess what, it’s all natural, and you can still have coffee, but only if you’re nice.   

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