A Healthy period is a fertile one

A Healthy period is a fertile one

Why 120 Days? 

120 days is JUST long enough to encourage one, yes one, normal ovulation. While your goal may not be pregnancy, a healthy, less painful period is a fertile one.


By the end of 120 days our number one goal is to ensure that you are ovulating.  Assuming this is happening, the body is working properly and therefore the painful symptoms of cramps and PMS can be worked out a little easier. 

Every 120 days your eggs and your red blood cells turn over.  It only takes sperm 60 days to turn over, go figure.  To see this explained in greater detail I suggest you check out my “Normal Period” video HERE.  Basically, 120 days ago a few of your tiny little premature eggs began to race each other towards the finish line of ovulation.  The only thing that allows ovulation to occur is a spike in Luteinizing hormone which is what those ovulation strips check for, I get mine from Target HERE.  If this spike occurs, one (sometimes two) lucky eggs are released from the ovary and, are either fertilized or sloughed away.  By committing to our 120 day protocol we cannot of course guarantee ovulation but we can guarantee that you will become healthier and hopefully have reduced symptoms that are causing you agony each and every month. 

If you still have the ability to make stem cells you may not be stuck with the eggs you were born with.  New research had proven that women are fully capable of making new immature eggs if they still have the capability to make stem cells.  This may explain why a few of our ‘Fertility Forward’ moms are over 40.  You can read an article on this HERE.  Again, while your goal may or may not be pregnancy you do want fertility in order to have a more comfortable period.  Our 120 day protocol can help you on your ‘better period’ journey.